Left to right, Peggy Little, TBB Manager, Debbie Shine, Governor Osuna Millan, Susanne and Rosarito Mayor Torres.
Notes from Susanne's Desk

This year, Susanna’s resolution is to thrive, not just survive!
This past Holiday Season, we started selling Gingerbread Houses and Holiday Cakes with Gluten Free and Sugar Free Options. Susanna’s also  ventured into New Territory by producing special menu plans for various health related diets like the Gerson Diet, Gluten or Sugar Free choices and of course Vegan and Vegetarian. The latter two have always been available on Susanna’s menu, but the Gluten Free became of interest to me as I personally am trying to stay away from white starches. Susanna’s now offers our Guests’  lovely Brown Rice Pasta in both  Spaghetti or Penne style  for you on any of our Pasta dishes.

Very Interesting for me was creating months of daily meals  following the Max Gerson Diet for several medical patients being treated in Baja. I was surprised at how many foods were not allowed because it was a mold, fat or too high in natural sugar. Colors also were a great indicator of  acceptance into the Gerson principal. The fun was creating combinations of all accepted foods making them taste great  and appetizing to my ill patients. I usually ate everything my patients did and loved it  except for beets, Betabel in Spanish. Yuk!

An original goal over eight years ago when I first opened Susanna’s was to branch out into a commercial food line or franchise Susanna’s in other parts of Mexico or the US.

With my fingers crossed, we will hopefully be launching some of my Signature Items and Sauces to Food Retailers in the US this year, which is our Resolution to thrive!

Being in a Tourist Town with no Tourists has been a challenge to say the least. While I am an active member of the Image Committee for Baja under State Secretary of Tourism, Juan Tintos, we all recognize that this will be a very slow recuperation to bring Baja back to the thriving Tourist destination it once was and should be.

For those tourists returning, they are noticing the great improvements in our roads and highways, friendly and helpful police and a strong dollar value, currently averaging out to 1.5 pesos to one dollar.

To all of our clients, we wish you and yours your best year yet! We thank you for supporting Susanna’s and hope to see you back enjoying our beautiful and peaceful Baja!


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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico