Comments from our friends and customers. Thank you all for your kind words!


Thank you for your hospitality last night you have a beautiful and charming restaurant with excellent food and service, I truly enjoyed my dining experience there last night, you have a true Gem of a restaurant.
You are welcome to come here anytime and I can give you a behind the scenes tour of the facility. I work Sunday through Thursday in the mornings; I usually leave around 4 pm sometimes earlier (sometime later). Just let me know when you want to drive up and I will make sure that I am available to spend time with you.
It’s always a pleasure to share experiences with other professional and foodies.

Thank You,
Karl E. Klein
Executive Chef, CVOTC
Food and Nutrition Services
United States Olympic Committee

Hi Susanne!

Sorry I haven't written this before, but we took off the day after the lunch for a long week visiting family.
The luncheon for the Scholarship Foundation was such a success! Thank you so much. Will bring you an "official" letter this coming week.
People are still talking about how good the food was and how charming you and your restaurant were.
You'll be happy to know that we made $932!!! Isn't that great? Keeps two kids in school for a year.

Hugs, Judie

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