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The word Appetizer is a derivative of the Latin word 'Appete', which means 'to desire or to long for'; an appetizer is then, something to encourages desire, in this case, for the meal that will follow.
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The word 'Salad' comes from the French 'Salade', of the same meaning, and also from the Latin 'Salata', which means 'salty', from the term 'sal' meaning 'salt'
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The word Pasta is derived from the Italian word of the same spelling, which means "dough, pastry cake, paste", originally meaning "a salted mess of food" from the neutral plural of 'Pastos'.
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The word 'Entree' was first used in England during the XVIII century. Adopted from the same French word, it has become synonymous with 'Main Course' in America.
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Dessert comes from the French word 'Disservir', that means 'to clear the table'. Its meaning due to the fact that the waiter usually clears your table of dinner dishes before bringing the dessert.
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The word 'Wine' is thought to be derived from the Georgian word 'ghvino', an ancient term that comes from the small Caspian Sea country, the first modern nation to make the fermented grape beverage.

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