Hi Susanne!

Sorry I haven't written this before, but we took off the day after the lunch for a long week visiting family.
The luncheon for the Scholarship Foundation was such a success! Thank you so much. Will bring you an "official" letter this coming week.
People are still talking about how good the food was and how charming you and your restaurant were.
You'll be happy to know that we made $932!!! Isn't that great? Keeps two kids in school for a year.

Hugs, Judie

Hi Susanne,
I just wanted to express to you how exquisite my dining pleasure was at your restaurant in Rosarito Beach. I was there for a week, staying at the Rosarito Hotel. I stopped in your restaurant for dinner one night and it was a little bit of heaven. I absolutely loved your restaurant from the ambiance, the attention I received and the food.
I highly recommend it to anyone. I want to go back to Rosarito just to eat there again! I was told the food was good at Chaubert's in the Rosarito Hotel, so I stopped to eat there the night before I left, boy was I sorry....I felt like I was in an old age home and the food sucked big time!~ Later in the ladies room, I told some ladies about your restaurant and told them they had to try it. One lady said she had passed it before but never stopped in, I told her to stop in with her friends because she would have a meal she would not forget. I will be back to Rosarito maybe in the Spring and you will find me there at Susanna's, the best food in Baja! I'm from Los Angeles, so I know good dining.
All the Best to you and your staff and family, La Linda

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