California Cuisine is very ingredient driven and utilizes only the freshest of products. Unlike other cuisines that use a variety of fats to flavor the food, California cuisine’s simplistic approach allows the natural goodness of the food to be enjoyed alone or layered.

California Cuisine can also be considered a healthier alternative to other cooking styles because in principle it rejects the use of manufactured foods and relies mainly on fats from plants, seeds and nuts as well as lean protein sources.

California has long been known and respected as a producer of fine wines so it is no surprise that wines are a key ingredient to California Cuisine. If you have ever experienced a wine tasting you will recall that varieties of fruits, vegetables and nuts are some of the characteristic traits referred to for distinction among varietal grapes and blends. This is the principal that California cuisine follows when it marries food and wine. It is a simplistic blending or contrasting of nature’s bounty of food and beverage. To enhance the California dining experience, Susanna’s specially pairs the wines of Baja California on it’s menu to each selection. For some crazy reason, it is still rare to find an extensive wine list dedicated to the local Vineros in Baja. We are very excited to be a contributing force to that change. Viva Vino!
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