Cavas Valmar
Established 1983
Located in Ensenada, Baja California Norte
Phone Number 646-178-6405
Web Page none
Tasting Room by appointment
Current Production 2,500 cases per year
Vineyard Size Small, some grapes purchased
Engineer Fernando Martain moved to Ensenada from Mexico City in the early 1980's to accept a job at Bodegas Santo Tomas. While there, Martain met and married Yolanda Gayosso Valentin, whose grandfather, a French immigrant named Federico Valentin, enjoyed making wine from grapes grown at his ranch located to the north of downtown Ensenada. Once Don Federico learned of Martain's similar enthusiasm for winemaking, he encouraged the newly married couple along with his two sons, Hector and Gontran Valentin, to start making wine seriously. His advice to them was "to focus on making a little bit of good wine rather than a lot of average stuff". Thus in 1983 they founded Cavas Valmar, a small family run urban winery located on Don Federico's rancho. The name, of course, derived from the merging of the first three letters of the two family names, Valentin an Martain.
At first, they made wine on an old parking lot at the rancho, with a small mill, a manual corking machine, a little basket press, and 20 American oak barrels. In 1985 they introduced their first two commercial wines, originally producing a modest 300 cases.

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Rosarito Beach, Baja California, Mexico